Sunday, 22 January 2012

Training going well again..

Finished Helsby Half Marathon in 1:33. 3 minutes faster than my target of 1:36, and 4.5 mins faster than my previous PB of 1:38! Really pleased! I won't go overboard too much, but it was just a generally brilliant race. Really enjoyable. Position: 295/1621. 2nd in my age category (U20). Well done to all of my friends at West Cheshire AC (my club) who did well, especially Chris Prior who came 3rd. Was good to have support off each other, I love being in a club. Even had lots of people shouting encouragement simply because I was part of the club! Lots of people I knew from the local area were there too. Overall a great day, but only space for improvement. Entered my first marathon for October. Bring it on!

This is of course relevant to Mt Blanc, because Mt Blanc is quite a physical challenge not to be under-estimated. It's going to require some training, although I'm already super keen on cycling and running so shouldn't be a problem. I won't be doing anything specifically for it, just my general outdoorsy lifestyle and the odd days in Snowdonia with friends.

Project-wise, I've been following up on two potential sponsorship leads. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fundraising page set up!

Ok, finally chosen my charities- one of my 3 Peaks beneficiaries- REACT has been chosen again as they are a brilliant charity and very supportive. I have also chosen Cancer Research UK. These will be receiving a 50/50 split of the funds raised.

Here's the VirginMoneyGiving page for you to check out, I'm using the same system for fundraising again like I did with the 3 Peaks. I will also be accepting cash donations in person, which I will transfer over to the page, but I'd appreciate it if you could sponsor me online. Here it is: www.virginmoneygiving.com/montblanc2012

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