Sunday, 26 February 2012

5 months to go..

Hey everyone,

Sorry for no updates!
The project is looking more promising as time goes on. Thanks to everyone who's supported me so far. With thanks to Chris Spray, who is currently my biggest donor and has suggested some really good fundraising ideas, including a 'Herman the German Friendship cake' idea which will hopefully get going soon.
I've only raised £100 so far out of £4810, but it's a start, this has all been on the fundraising page- www.virginmoneygiving.com/montblanc2012. I've been trying to get this into circulation as much as possible via Facebook and Twitter. But I'm not even in 100% mode yet, just wait till I get going with it!

I won't reveal anything else yet unless it's been confirmed, but there are some other good ideas including a charity night at a local pub which are being planned and more info will follow on those. I got bored and decided to put my mass array of thoughts onto paper and filled a few sheets of A4 with what needed doing, researching and who I needed to contact. My head is much clearer. I am going to contact the Duke of Westminster and other wealthy people for support- worth a go. I'm also going to write to football clubs to try and get signed shirts and memorabilia for a charity auction. This one event alone could raise up to half my target in one night! More to follow.

I've been getting excited about the Olympic Torch relay too. Waiting for my official confirmation in March, along with the details of where i'll be running and exactly when. Also found out that up to 90% of the relay will be televised by BBC News, so I'll likely be making an appearance! Been invited by the organisers to take part in some publicity work, 'doing interviews, taking part in an exciting photoshoot, and given the chance to meet some of my favourite music stars' in London. Obviously the music stars will likely be The Wanted or One Direction, so it loses the incentive appeal, but maybe i'll get some signed merchandise for my charity auction. It includes transport, food and accommodation costs so I'll be travelling to London sometime in March/April. More details to follow. Sounds like a great opportunity though, and I'll get to meet some other torchbearers.

If you haven't already seen it, I made the front page of the Chester Chronicle 2 weeks ago- the pic below shows the full article on page 4. Mt Blanc has had a mention, but sadly brought no interest yet. I'll keep going!

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